Friday, 3 October 2014


top: MONKI, jeans & bag: TOPSHOP; shoes: STYLEDASHER

Let us breathe and let us tan as it is term break! I am finally free from hell of assignments and can finally sleep up to 14+ hours, a very very rare things you get once you're in college. Which is good, cos it makes me appreciate every lil things in life, like Burger King's double black-pepper with fries, or any sale racks.

P.S: totally out of the blue but I'm watching Monsters Inc. whilst writing this post. Makes me wanna be young forever.

And soooo in regards of my greatest love for college (note the sarcasm), I present you my college essentials...

numero uno. WHITE TSHIRT
well hello a simple plain white t's can really change your life. Its simple, minimal, and v v easy to mix-match with.

numero dos. MOM'S JEANS
I am in loooove with any kind of Mom's Jeans. Some of my friends thought I was pregnant while wearing it but I don't care, did you see how it makes my leg ridiculously long? #allthankstomomsjeans and plus, it looks very retro.

numero tres. TOTE BAG
For me, college means you have no time at all to just clean everything. So tote bag is my life basically. I'm also known as a lazy bastard and thus it helps me to just put everything in and...done!

numero cuatro. SLIP ON
College means laid back and casual (unless you're presenting your major project, then guuurl, you better look smashing from head to toe) so slip on is a must. Any kind of slip on works, just slide your feet in those beautiful pairs and you are READY.


M x.


  1. 14+ of sleep? I could use that. Physics keeps me up late.
    I'm in love with your jeans, so cute high waisted!

    xoxo, ♥

  2. comfiest outfit ever to campus!


  3. Such a cute and simple outfit - I should really buy a basic white shirt! And 14+ hours of sleep? Lucky you!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  4. love the photos and outfit xo :)

  5. ur outfit is so cute! love it

    mind to check my blog out as well?

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  6. You look amazing, love the outfit

  7. Dope shoes! I lvoe your slip on and your jeans!

  8. Great jeans and slip ons ^^

    恵美より ♥

  9. i love the rolled up cuffs of the jeans :) it's a great look lately!
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    Let me know if you do and want me to follow back!
    Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

  10. such a cool combination!


  11. yes, a must essential list for college, slip on!

    The Style Rebellion

  12. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog!! Just followed you via bloglovin'

  13. Yeeessss I agree with all of your college essentials. Also, glad you're repping the mom jeans, they are the bomb, thank u. Unfortunately I don't have a break from college really until Thanksgiving in another month or so :/ I can't wait to sleep 14 hours!!! XD

  14. cool shoes <33

  15. Love it!

    Also, I'm a new reader and I LOVE your blog. Do you want to follow eachother on GFC? Let me know!

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  16. Cute everyday combo. I like it.

  17. Love the look! So simple but perfect! I adore your shoes!!

    much love, Lea


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