Tuesday, 21 January 2014

i got my eyes on you.

dress: RetroStone, Platfroms and Clutch: Marc&Stuart, Jacket: ZARA

You can say I was beginning to feel a lot like Rapunzel (or is it everyone else?) cause this flood thingy in Jakarta has done nothing, but to kept me lock in my 'tower'. But yes, please please please pray for this flood to stop and for anyone getting the impact, numbers of victims keep on increasing, and its painful to watch.

About the shoot, I keep on thinking to make this little corner of my sis' bedroom to be my 'permanent photo spot' as how convenient it is.

Was wearing one of my most favorite dress like, ever.

I mean, look at the details and how 'retro' it is! Another plus point is that it's handmade ;) I got it few years back from one of my favorite store, RetroStone. If you're visiting HongKong or do live there, I totally recommend you to visit this place.

Anyways, I'm just gonna tell some stuffs about 'New Year Resolution'.

I don't know why but I feel a need to post this.

Okay, so while I was on vacation, on the first day of the new year, I was watching Good Morning America (correct me if I'm wrong). And they were talking about stuffs like how-to-make-2014-a-good-one and one of the ways are to choose a word. This chosen word will then be your guide to the better year.

For example, the word you chose is live. Then ask yourself, to live what? Okay so lets just take live in the moment as an example. So what you do throughout 2014 is basically just to live in the moment and not giving a damn about anything else. Live that moment because it could pass easily and the next thing you know, you're going to regret it.

Well, if its up to you, what word would you choose? ;)

M x

P.S: you can now listen to music in my blog, yaaay!

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