Wednesday, 11 December 2013

time bomb.

Shirt: MONKI, jeans: ZARA, Boots: Marc & Stuart


Have you ever looked back at your life and think, 'damn, time really is a bitch'? 
Time is moving too fast that sometimes, we never really appreciate it. We just keep on wasting it, doing unimportant things. But in the end, all we really need is time. 

So I guess that's what matters. To live life the fullest.

Well, enough with the cheesy note. So basically, my love for super-straight Boyfriend Jeans grows even bigger the moment I wore it on this photos. I mean, it makes your legs look so thin and so long you can't help but wear it. 

And yeah, plaids again. 

I kinda love how Christmas-y and Green-ish this whole outfit looks, PLUS all of the trees behind it. Anddd....Christmas is in two weeks! Which means...more Christmas-y outfits coming up ;) 

Yes, I'll try my VERY best not too wear plaids again. ;)

Special thanks also to my Dad for coping up with his daughter and taking these pictures. x

M x

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