Wednesday, 13 November 2013

darling, you'll be okay. x

Top: Topshop, Shorts: Zara, Clutch: Its Not Me Its You, Sandals: Marc & Stuart

Have been enjoying my holiday so far. Movie/Tv Shows marathon, messed up sleeping schedule and so on. Got stuck with this Once Upon A Time series and I'm soooo in love. Well, being the random teenager I am, I stayed up all night watching it thus causing a pain-in-the-ass eye bags. Lucky there's always Bobbi Brown BB cream up for the rescue ;)

Did I ever mentioned how much my love is for plaids? I love plaids sooo much the analogy would be like I'm Mr. Crab and plaids are money.

That didn't sound right, does it?

Anyways, I've been coping around with so many clutches yet this is one of my favorite. I mean, just look at the texts! Here's another trick, sometimes when I'm in a restaurant or somewhere and is saving a place for someone, I'd be like putting the clutch and let it speaks for itself. *cough* sassy *cough*

I can't tell how upset I am for forgetting where I bough the fedora! It really does come in handy whenever you're having a bad-hair-day and adds a sense of chic to your outfit.

M x

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  1. i love your fashion! and it suits you :)


    1. hii thankyou so much this made me smile :)

  2. I love the print and silhouette of your tee. So cool and casual :) x


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