Tuesday, 21 June 2016


top: MONKI, skirt: ZARA, bag: KATE SPADE, sneakers: ADIDAS

Basically just a quick laidback outfit since I've been so caught up lately on preparing my transfer to Singapore. Closer to home, but still, the nervousness is building up as this will be my first time ever living alone. Well like they said, let the adventures begin. So yeah, if you're in Singapore and want to collab/create something awesome, leggooo! 

Now, moving on to the outfit. Have I mentioned just how obsessed I am with corduroy skirt? I despise wearing uncomfortable tight skirt; feels suffocating somehow, so the A-line cut makes it a perfect fit. 

Last but not least, I've been blogging for quite a time now, and it came to my mind to create something new, a Youtube channel. The idea is to provide a more interactive version of my blog, and also to share more style tips/ life hacks/ etc etc.

So here goes my first ever video, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments as I'm new to the Youtube world. Oh and if you have a channel, don't forget to share yours on the comment below! ;)




Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Been dying to join Bloglovin's Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year contest since forever and I'm sooo excited when I found out that my age is (finally) legal and eligible to join. Therefore, here's an interpretation of my personal style.

top: STUSSY, pants: VINTAGE, coat: H&M, sneakers: ADIDAS

Now, on the topic of personal style..."What is your personal style?" is a pretty complicated question to answer, really. Reasons are mainly because:

a) I'm still in my confused-teenager-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life phase. Meaning, I could change my decision like 1-5 times.

b) Sometimes, it goes like this "Oh dang, she/he looks so good in a disco flare pants, Vetements sweater, and a pair of Yeezy, YAS I want to wear this, YAS my kind of outfit." That being said, getting influenced by other people's style is easy as hell. 

c) My budget is equivalent to the cost of McDonalds' Double Hamburger. #brokegirlsclub 

So yeah, these are pretty much the complications. But don't worry, I made this post not for a heart-to-heart session, no no. I did a quick brainstorming of course (or should I say, quickstorming? ;) HAHA ignore this pls) and wrote down some essential points to find out what best describe my personal style: 

1. Tbh I love girly stuffs such as pink colour, pastels, pretty dresses, etc, but I can never wear them...

2. Therefore, I'm kinda boyish when it comes to dressing up, but still have a small essence of feminine here and there.

3. Oversized clothes = LIFE.

4. I would choose a pair of leather boots over heels/anything in a heartbeat.

Well, here goes my personal style, and I think these points will make you understand my outfit choice for this contest. My style is basically a mixture of edgy, sporty, streetstyle, boho, hipster, and many other things I adore. But this I know, I do not dress pretty. 

Back in highschool, one of my best friends told me something that has been helping my insecurities a lot. We were so innocent back then but these simple words have been such a meaningful life lesson that I bring everyday. "You know, it's okay if you're not pretty. Bc you're cool, and it's even better so there's no need to be pretty." I guess this will conclude my personal style..

How about yours? :)




Thursday, 9 June 2016


On this very first legit trip in 2016, I went to Singapore with at first, an intention to survey apartments. But lesbe honest, this is all just a shade to cover my needs to travel. While I usually went to a "no chill" shopping-spree every time I visit Singapore, I decided to do things a lot differently this time. 

By "museum-hopping" that is, if that's even a word. And on just a short time of 3 days, I am proud to say we managed to visit 2 art museum, 1 sea aquarium, and 1 park. Not too shabby, huh? And I found myself wondering like "damn it, why did we never thought of visiting art museum whenever we travel to?" So yeah, visiting lots of artsy place/ art gallery/ museum while travelling is definitely on my bucket list now. 

Now let's start with ARTS&SCIENCE museum which is located at Marina Bay Sands. This one is pretty new and very very tech-savy. Prepare to be amazed with the lighting projectors, interactive gallery (thus, perfect if you bring children), and so on. My favourite is of course the Future World: Space exhibition (first two photos). To sum up in one word: dreamy. Saying I never want to leave this place is an understatement.

Next, is S.E.A Aquarium located in Sentosa World. And what blew my mind is definitely the thread-like jellyfish. Or to describe in a very slang-ish word "it was liiiiiiiiit man". Literally had a fangirling moment by myself the moment I saw it. So if you love fishy and trippy stuff, a must visit.

Last but not least, my most favourite, Singapore Art Museum or SAM. This is actually a very impromptu visit, as we need to catch out flight in less than 3 hrs, super worth it tho. So many inspiring things in here and it made me think the true power of an art installation. Take a look at this above installation "Bloodline of Peace" created by Suzann Victor. The breathtaking fact is if you look closely, you can see each of these lenses have blood on it, created with more than 32,000 blood samples. The story behind this is to reflect commitment and sacrifice must be done in order to have peace. *goose bumps* 

I must say, I absolutely love the first moment of entering an art installation or museum. You didn't know what to expect and suddenly you're feeling all this new feelings. If that even makes sense ;)