Friday, 12 February 2016


Embracing the last few days I could wear fluffy sweaters before the real summer heat kicks in... Hot Chocolate anyone? ;)

top: MARKET FINDS, skirt: ZARA, bag: MARC & STUART, sneakers: NIKE 

Fun fact, got this cheeky "hot chocolate" sweater while I went to Japan, never wore it and bam! Found it casually laying down in my wardrobe. This is actually my Chinese New Year outfit too but without the sweater, because let's be honest, CNY is practically the hottest day of the year. And hey, happy late Chinese New Year! How's your hong baos going? 

Now, I have this habit of showing my "latest obsession" whatsoever in every outfit post, so bad news/ good news, it will happen more often. Take this very 70s corduroy skirt for example. I love love love the retro look it gives and just how comfy it is. Definitely a comfort over style girl 24/7. 

Over the past 3 months, December to February, I have been given the luck to spend time with my best mates in the world. A rare opportunity indeed since we are all growing up in the same time, in different countries. So yeah, my past 3 months have been a joyous, and seems like there is never enough time with these people.

I'm currently on a period of time where I feel so content and blessed in my life. 2015 was the complete opposite for me. And this year, I'm planning to just keep it that way, I hope yours is the same :)




Friday, 5 February 2016


Not connected to Valentine's day or February in any way, basically just a reflection to a song too beautiful for words to describe, so I interpret it through photos, and flowers..

jumpsuit: BCBGMAXAZRIA, jacket: ZARA, sneakers: ASH

"When the evening pulls the sun down, 
and the day is almost through. 
Oh, the whole world it is sleeping,
but my world is you. Can I be close to you?"

After a few months jamming to EDM and lounge songs, I have finally returned to the world of slow Indie music and I'm never going back. The song above is Bloom by The Paper Kites, and I swear I'm the most single person you've ever met (if there is even a saying) but this is the song I'll hands down play in my wedding. No kidding. 

So I just woke up in one day and randomly thought "hey, why don't we take photos with some flowers (carnation, that is), and make it super artsy?". Because really, artsy is the direction I'm trying to make my blog visually look these past few days (aside from the very not artsy bronzer failures).  

Moving on, this jumpsuit is my life in one piece of clothing. I'm the kind of person who despise wearing uncomfortable tight dresses and prefer jumpsuit over anything. Thus, on any last minute circumstances, this is the outfit I would most likely wear.

Now, let's discuss on how perfectly made the cuttings are, I swear no matter how much chocolate cakes I ate, this jumpsuit never fails to seize the day. Plus, it somehow gives off this edgy, yet professional vibe. Gotta love anything by BCBCMaxazria. 

As mentioned my affection to this particular song, then it's only right to share it right below. Enjoy!




Friday, 29 January 2016


I guess it's safe to say the comeback of 90s retro patches pretty much shook everyone in some severe panic attack to shop. How do I know this? Because I'm one of them. *drum rolls*

top & shorts: ZARA, bag: MARC & STUART, socks: MONKI, shoes: MARC & STUART

I am writing articles constantly and I remember that particular day I was creating one titled "Trend Inspiration: Denim Badges". Oh God, you should've seen the miserable look on my face drooling over one photo to another. It was true love. Plus, there's this one with rock bands patches such as ACDC, KISS, etc. Major to die for!

The little problem is...I'm broke because really, I'm the kind of girl who loves to eat, so there goes my money. Therefore I'm saying goodbye to the gorgeous customised denim jacket with badges. But once again, Zara gets me. Got this bizarre striped + turtleneck + Arctic Monkeys reference (CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?) patches while I was randomly strolling there. And the best part of course, it was on sale. 

Happy me happy me happy me. Moving on, guess this one's kind of a preppy look. Probably affected as I'm back to college now. Last semester, last projects, last lectures. I also started to wear a rather 'presentable' clothes now. Sandals, shorts, and crop top or sweater were my usual attire. Oh, the beauty of college I've only realised. Will definitely miss this and my baes later on. 

Anyway,  truly sorry because the next few posts will pretty much have me wearing bronzer in a REALLY really wrong way. Contouring definitely doesn't get me. Well then, be right back watching bunch of "Easy Contouring for Dummies" tutorial.




Friday, 22 January 2016


Looks might fool you. I look sooooo sporty and athletic but I can actually eat three portions of McDonalds at once. Oh well...

sport bra: JADED LONDON, trousers: ADIDAS, outerwear: PULL & BEAR, sneakers ADIDAS

As mentioned on my previous posts, I'm obsessed with anything olive coloured. So basically, it's only right to have at least one olive bomber jacket ;) And let me tell you what, bomber jacket is just so badassss I love it.

Been dying for God knows how long to shoot this leather sport bra from Jaded London, one of my favourite brand at the moment. Gotta love any sport-wear that makes me slimmer. The back actually has some crazy details, have no idea why I forgot to shoot it.

On the other hand, my love to Adidas continues. You've probably seen me in this Adidas Tubular #bae several times, but these three stripes pants is quite new and extremely comfy. Yes, will definitely be my next big addiction and new work out gear for sure.

Speaking of working out...I despise New Year resolution but one thing I'm trying to do more this year is for sure to exercise more and get fit (not skinny). Hope I'm not just saying some bs this year though. Anyways, how's your resolutions or bucket list going? 




Thursday, 21 January 2016


Thought that I would share more of my styling works here. So here goes the first one, and probably my most favourite out of every Editorials I made. 

Wardrobe from Lui Sanniasi
All men's wardrobe from H.Y.S Official
Wardrobe from Igha Saputri

This would be one of the first Editorial collaboration shoot I did with Allen Tan (@apertural on Instagram) and let me tell you what, he's basically the Tim Burton of making a concept. The concept which I thought was impossible at first turned out to be this, definitely made the hours spent to fold origami worth it. 

Not to left out, the breathtaking super gothic and dark make-up by Edelyn Faustina. We were inspired by the 1999 Yohji Yamamoto, thus described all the sponges-like stuffs. As for the direction, all thanks to the classic Comme Des Garcons style. 

Talents: Naarah Nahama & Lucky Oetama
Photographer: Allen Tan
Makeup & Hair: Edelyn Faustina
Assisted by: Natalia Affandy & David Tannoto
Styled by me. 

Special thanks to all the fashion designers who kindly lent their amazing pieces! To see more of my works, simply click here.