Tuesday, 6 October 2015


After 3 months of stressing out and lots of daydreaming, me, my sister and my friend recklessly decided to went to Bali for a short trip. No plan, no route, just an escape from all the hustle. Here goes my Bali Trip RECAP! x

Monday, 5 October 2015


Hiiii I've been nominated by the lovely Sara from State of Mind for the Liebster Award. So here goes! 

  1. Once nominated, make a post thanking and linking the lovely person who nominated you.
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Are you a morning person?
If that does not include coffee, then no I'm not.

What are your three favorite movies?
Hard to choose since I tend to. So let's do with the recent ones, shall we.
- The Intern
- Paper Towns
- Inside Out (actually put me tears, sorry not sorry for being an emo)

Which mythical creature would you be?
Some greek god/goddesses like Athena or Zeus would be really cool. 

What is your favourite comfort food?
hellyeah ti French Fries

Where would you like to travel right now? 
Warning: this list could go forever
Mt. Bromo
Raja Ampat
Tokyo during the cherry blossom season
Los Angeles

What is your favorite color? 
Black, always.

Which people inspire you? 
I love getting inspired from people who gave me goosebumps or feel something. There's a lot basically depending on different aspects.  John Green with his amazing books and writing that is relatable to my life. Alexander Wang and Olivier Rousteing with how amazing both of them are in the fashion industry. Margaret Zhang, a multi-talented person and basically my life goals. And for music, I always found myself living through the lyrics of The 1975 or One Direction, how contradicting. 

What is your dream job? 
A fashion editor in a magazine or art director. By the word of Augustus Waters, I'm honestly afraid of oblivion. Therefore, my dream job is basically to leave my mark on the world; to be remembered of something. Whether from my work, creation, ideas, sayings, etc.

Three favorite music artists at the moment? 
Gonna write one of their amazing creations too.
Chet Faker x Flume - Drop the Game
Disclosure - Omen
Years & Years - Real

What skills would you like to learn? 
Cooking because I suck, and cinematography. 

  • Who's your role model?
  • Five things you can't live without?
  • What's your favourite blog?
  • What's on your 'things to do before I die' list?
  • Are you a cat or a dog person?
  • What's your hidden talent?
  • Top five favourite music artist?
  • Where would you rather be right now?
  • What's your life goals?
  • One quote/sayings/etc that totally describes you?



Friday, 2 October 2015


As I carelessly missed out August's Instagram highlight, I decided to make this time's more detailed and personal. Can't lie, September had been tough as hell. Super hectic schedule and I'm still pretty confused on how I survive this month. Thank god to coffee, huh? 

So many priceless memories had been made in September and I can't thank enough for all the blessings. 

There's my brand's photo-shoot and collection launch in the beginning of the month. VISION Fashion Show that I created alongside with my mates in the middle of the month, which is basically the highlight of September. 3 months of working our ass off, sleepless nights, endless meetings, fittings, etc totally paid off for one night. I still got those goosebumps all over the place remembering the time we had rehearsals and my song of choice, Chimes by Hudson Mohawke was on. 

A farewell, new people, new songs (can we just pause for a bit to say how good Caracal is tho?!), fashion shows, last-minute road trip, and lots of new experience (that includes almost getting hit by a deer, HA). Basically sums up my September. And damn, I'd totally be lying if just two months left till 2016 doesn't scare me at all. Time to make up some mind and take risk. 

So....how's your September? x

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Saturday, 26 September 2015


Introducing you my new bae, the Adidas TUBULAR X Primeknit

jumpsuit & mesh top: REBELREBEL, sneakers: ADIDAS, plaids: BRANDY MELVILLE


Friday, 25 September 2015


Got the chance to watched my graduating friends' collection during last Monday's Raffles TRANSPIRE Fashion Show. Basically my first time to took legit runway shots. I must say, I'm a fan of any outfit that creates movement and this show basically showcase most of it . And I'm in love. Take a look at some of the runway shoots and get inspired....;)

Designer: Thasa Nathasa
Designer: Henry Larson
Designer: Oviana Rabella
Designer: Michelle Coreen
Designer: Annabella Yosephine
Designer: Ivy Sie
Designer: Ivy Sie
Designer: Shannon
Designer: Patricia Sutiono
Designer: Amelia Novarianne

Proud to say these are my fellow college mates and I definitely can't wait to see what the future got for them.