Friday, 20 May 2016


top & shorts: ZARA, bag: DYLAN KAIN, shoes: SENSO

Yay to more boho outfits this summer! Well in case you didn't know, before REBEL REBEL, my blog was formerly named "bohoyoho". A bit contradicting but the bohemian soul in me never seems to fade. Thus explains this particular outfit. Wearing top and bottom Zara (alwaysssss) and this chic af mules from Senso. And can I just say how pwetty mules are? *drooling*

Now about blogging, I started about 2 and a half years ago. Back then, I'm this super-nerd-dont-know-what-to-do-with-my-life kid. But after my trip to London, I was so inspired that I just knew I have to create. 

I'm sure anyone who blogs have been through this kind of thing. The feeling of hopelessness to reach your followers goals, stuck in ideas, words, etc etc. I'd be lying if I said I never thought of quitting. So when I found out I got featured in Huffington Post alongside amazing people of "Indonesian's street style" you could imagine my reaction. I literally scream and smile like a total idiot the whole day. :):):):)

These kind of things are the ones that encourage me to do what I love most. Taking photos, style the outfit, ranting (HA!)  Therefore, thank you for reading my blog, sparring your time to comment, and most importantly your support. I will definitely do my best to create and inspire. xx




Friday, 13 May 2016


Though we technically have 24/7 non stop all year summer here, it's always an excitement to welcome this particular season. So what's better than a bouquet of flowers and some artsy cactus layout to begin? 

top: MONKI, jeans: TOPSHOP, boots: MARC & STUART, bracelet: BALENCIAGA

Wearing once again, my bae the classic leather Chelsea boots. Low key in process of hunting another versatile pair like this soo wish me luck and I'm open to suggestions? ;) And YES, I'm wearing jeans finally thank god bc honestly I'm not a big fan. A loyal member of the Sweatpants > Jeans club but this one from Topshop is too comfy and chic to resist. 

I think it's safe to say just how trendy turtleneck has been this past few months, and I'm absolutely loving every bits of this trend. Been hunting for a perfect piece for so long, so when I found this one from Monki (#funfact one of my most go-to brand), I'm hooked right away. 

Did I mention they have some of the CUTEST if not, raddest collection of accessories? Yas I'm talking bout pizza clutch, floral sunglasses, etc etc.

Moving on from all the cuteness...While we're basically still feeling the "Mother's day vibes" I'm so lucky my mom has a huge passion when it comes to flowers. My days were mostly filled either with helping her choose the right colours, or taking photos of it. 

Definitely made my life much more colourful and it's always a joy to have it as a prop such as this one. Here's one easy life hack, if a photo, flat-lay, or pretty much anything looks plain or boring, just add some flowers. Simply because there's no such thing as hideous flowers. 

I guess that's why flowers are the perfect metaphor of our own bodies? This mindset is kinda stuck in my head as I'm currently in a point where I start to feel insecure/unhappy with my body. That being said, whenever any of you get through the same thing, just think of how flowers may varied when it comes to colours, size, shapes. But just because a daisy is different from roses, doesn't mean it look any less pretty. I suck with words so hope this helps out. x 




Sunday, 8 May 2016


Oh hello! Long weekend has been treating me pretty well, too well in fact so here's a filler outfit post..
jumpsuit: BCBGMAXAZRIA, outerwear: PULL & BEAR, sandals: TOGA PULLA, bag: ALEXANDER WANG

Got the chance to watch live my favvvvv electronic duo Disclosure few days ago; which still feels pretty unreal, so to conclude, life is good right now.. 

A quite basic outfit post this time, and by basic I mean no "deep stories and long rant". HA well I can't express in words how much I love bomber jacket, pretty sure I have worn this for like a hundred times. #GUILTY, can't help it tho, it just goes so well with everything.

Pairing it with one of my sister's best buy, the classic and very eccentric Toga Pulla sandals. Very very recommended, I'm not a sandal kind of girl, but this one is an exception. 

Now, I always cherish the time I spent on editing, colleagues like this particularly. It allows me to express myself more and not only that, but also made me fell in love deeper with art. But on the contrary, are you enjoying these edits? Or do you prefer a plain and simple outfit post? Please let me know your thoughts! x

Have a nice weekend lovelies.




Sunday, 1 May 2016


I would like to share my deepest gratitude for 3 perverted (sadly) adult men who thought I wasn't wearing any pants when this shoot was taken. Seriously my biggest inspiration for this time's outfit post.

A rather laid-back outfit. I'm obsessed with oversized t-shirts since forever; I mean who doesn't, and just in time my sister got this to-die-for Palace Skateboards tee. #classic Not gonna lie, I'm planning to wear it for 100000x without feeling guilty. On a more important note, I prepared this post to spread out some thoughts. So without a further ado, if you are a feminist, aspiring to be, or never heard the word, scroll down..x

Top: Palace Skateboards, Shorts: Zara, Outerwear: Brandy Melville, Socks: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: Adidas

Growing up, I am extremely lucky to be brought by a family whom never forbid me to work my ass off, or get knowledge. On the other hand, it is my mom who always taught me that while yes, it is okay to depend on my future husband, it's also important to establish myself. 

Little did my mom know, she has been shaping me with all these feminism theory since I was young. Though I never truly understand the concept, it was Beyonce's "2014 MTV Video Music Awards "Flawless" performance that opened my eyes. YAS QUEEN BEE! Literally gave me shivers all over the place. Then I kinda had this realisation of how women often gets taken for granted, or underestimated. 

"Oh no, you can't work here, there's a lot of heavy stuff to carry, bet your small ass you can't handle it." "Why do you want to get a Master degree? For Christ sake, if you're too smart, men will be afraid of you." "No don't be a doctor, you'll rot in college and never get married!!!!!" Wages, job opportunities, et cetera et cetera. 

Another example are dress codes. As you can see, some of the sayings in these photos are taken from Beyonce's Flawless lyrics, while the other one is from a quote I stumbled across in Pinterest. So why are dress codes even created in the first place? Why do we even have to fear men just because we're showing skins?

I'm dying to live in a place where I can wear whatever I want, no matter how much skins I exposed, and still feeling completely secure. And get this straight, women need more respect, and equality.

Therefore I'm dedicating this post to all women who oftentimes went through this kind of stuff yet still kicks ass errrday. You, my friend, are an inspiration. x