Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Hi my name is melisa and I wear red boots with long ass heels to look cool. Presenting you one of my most favourite spot to shoot in Singapore...the National Stadium.

top: MONKI, outerwear: ADIDAS, skirt: VINTAGE, bag: KATE SPADE, boots: CARVELA

Taken by my sister during her short getaway here. We were basically half-awake during the shoot, waking up at 8 and rushing through the stadium. Quick tip: never skip breakfast before taking photos or you'll end up with a "I'm-gonna-eat-you-alive" facial expression like mine.

Not gonna lie, this is such a delayed work thanks to my procrastinating habits these days. Seriously, in need of some high-tech time management apps here! My 2 weeks term break are finally over and I'm low-key reminiscing the good life back home while writing this post.

Now enough with my so called teenage life. Stealing my dad's Adidas Skateboarding outerwear once again (sorry dad) and love how it just balanced the whole outfit. Outerwear = life saviour. This outfit is technically a super random mix and match here and there, some are stuffs I never thought I would wore. Like this total quirky skirt! Such a rare vintage found and I LOVE IT.

Safe to say how hot heeled-boots are now so last but not least, my kryptonite, the Carvela by Kurt Geiger which was on 90% discount, I REPEAT 90% discount. How could you even resist these babies? Definitely gonna wear these pair everyday just for the fun of it ;)





Sunday, 18 September 2016


With this post being created I am glad to announce I'm finally on term break!!! YASSSSS *dabbing countless of times* 
top: THE EDITOR'S MARKET, shorts: ZARA, outerwear: BUGIS, sneakers: ADIDAS, sunglasses: MONKI
Basically a pretty short and straight-forward outfit post to begin my holiday. Excited to go back home and reunited with friends, families, and my dog, because let's just face it, your pet = your life #sorrymom. A very very tropical outfit indeed, which I actually wore during day 2 of We the Fest. Didn't get to took any photo wearing this at the concert bc of the drizzle (or perhaps, too busy dancing to The 1975) but oh well! 

Insanely in love with this kimono right here, got it from Bugis street and just more and more reason why you MUST visit it while in Singapore. Oh, I have also joined the "lace up" top squad, and it's safe to say I'm never going back.

On another note, new video is up on my Youtube channel, "What to Wear to a Music Festival + WetheFest 2016 recap!" Check it out and don't forget to subscribe ;) 




Friday, 26 August 2016


Sup blogging world? I'm back!! And because I have been so bad at posting lately, I'mma give you 2 outfits in return..

top: ZARA, dress: TEMT, boots: MARC & STUART, socks: HUF
top: POMELO, pants: BUGIS, socks: HUF, sneakers: CONVERSE
Special thanks to these two for taking my photos! x

The past 3 weeks have been..wild to say the least. Dealing with never-ending assignments back and forth, flying back home for We the Fest (video coming up!), meeting new people, getting sick, and etc. Nevertheless, I'm lucky to have my mates to go crazy with whenever things get out of hand. 

Wearing my luv not-so-turtleneck but is actually a turtleneck striped top from Zara! And for the 2 months I've been in Singapore, it's safe to say that I've fallen in love with Bugis. Yassss the place for all the fashion stuffs you thought you never need. Basically my kryptonite here and this slip-dress and striped pleated culotte are some of my purchases from there. 

Try taking a walk to Bugis Street too, where it's simply impossible not to shop. 

Just realised how often I wore patterned socks like these two from Huf! My inner-emo just couldn't handle the cuteness of it I guess So perhaps, a how to wear weird socks for next post? ;) 

Been listening to a lot of deep house and soul music like Honne. Their track "Somebody that Loves You" definitely got me feeling some type of way. 




Friday, 5 August 2016


You know you're whipped with assignments when you haven't posted in two weeks for the first time in...ever. Here's a chill outfit to begin August, and also my typical "uniform" for the past few days.

all photos taken by Miranti! x

As I mentioned earlier, the formula to my typical uniform would be like this: 
  • 1 Logo T-Shirt from a cool brand 
  • Culotte or jeans; the wider the pants, the better
  • Sneakers or boots 
  • Flexible bag
  • andddd a cap in case you're having a "non-photogenic hair day"
College has been great so far and by great, I mean alllll the amazing food I can try in this beloved lion city. One of those would be P.S Cafe Petite in Tiong Bahru (coffee is the bomb). Actually my first time in Tiong Bahru area and I'm in LOVE. SO MANY COFFE SO MANY CUTENESS.

A must-visit if you're a sucker for good coffee and cute photo spots! Went there with my girlsss and safe to say we'll be in the neighbourhood to do "assignments" pretty often ;)

Non-related but H-7 to seeing my bae The 1975 and I'm yodelling. Soo if you're planning to go to any summer festival or just need inspirations for quick summer outfit, check out my latest youtube video! "4 Outfit Ideas for Summer'16!" Enjoy and don't forget to comment or subscribe to see more of my double chins HA!