Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Ah London, what can I say? I have infinite reasons to love London and it is definitely the first place I'd choose to spend the rest of my life. This is the second series of my Europe photo diary : London.

Friday, 31 July 2015


July was... interesting. Get to travel around Europe with my family, seeing beautiful places my eyes won't even believe. On the other side, it is also spent saying goodbye to some of my friends staying overseas for college. These kind of farewells is definitely one of the main reason why July gotta be describe as one hell of ups and downs.

And hey, my one and only dog of a fur-ball is finally featured here, say hello to Boba!

As August come, so does my deadline. Gotta be hectic from now on to September. Surviving this with my new baby a.ka Sherlock Tv series and new Years & Years album, Communion. Yassssss

So how's your July? Either way, here's to August and more sleepless nights!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Okay, just by reading the title makes my heart beat like a freaking drum. It's official, Sam Smith is the new face of Balenciaga Fall 15/16 Men's campaign. Shot by Josh Olins (back to back photographer for Balenciaga) and music by Andy Scott. Not only that, but this marks SS' first ever collaboration the British singer ever made with a fashion house. And first to many more to come I hope? 

image sources: vman, highsnobiety, booblogs

The result? Definitely proves how Sam Smith can make our heart melt not only by his voice, but with his modelling skills. Too beautiful to be putted in words.

I truly believe a fashion campaign are created to make you feel something, and this one definitely gave me some kind of feelings.

Press play and witness the beauty that is Sam Smith x Balenciaga. P.S: how beautiful are all those coats?

Oh and as if the campaign isn't enough, Sam Smith continues to play with my emotions and drop a single with Disclosure, titled OMEN. Press play (again) and be prepared for some eargasm moment.

P.S: wrote this before I heard the news, so so devastated that Alexander Wang is leaving Balenciaga... Alex has been my role mode, muse and always will be. Seriously, who will ever be as happy as he is on the final bow?!

Can't wait to see what the future got in store for him tho. Looking forward to the final show for S/S 2016, will be huge.



Tuesday, 28 July 2015


During my short Lebaran break, I was so so lucky to get a chance to spent it on 3 dreamy cities with my family. And by dreamy I meant fashion capital with the big F. Studying fashion, my teacher taught me how different each cities are.

Here's a simple guideline,
Milan is more sexy and daring.
London is playful and edgy.
While Paris is just....Paris. You'll see why.

Words couldn't even described how grateful I am. Heres the first series of my Europe photo diary: MILAN.

One word for Milan? Hot. Literally and physically. I'd be lying if I say I didn't get most of my tan-lines here (YES I KNOW I'M FINALLY TANNED GOSH).

Moreover, it always fantasize me how the 3 cities are so different yet the same in how amazing they are as thr leaders in the fashion industry..



  • Visit Duomo and shop your ass off in Gallerie Vittorio Emanuelle (spending a full day or two is recommended)
  • Eat LOTS of gelato. Cmon man you're in Italy, a.ka heaven for gelato. So why the hell not?
  • Check out the Armani Hotel
  • Take 1000x photos in Navigli
  • Shop (again) at Porta Ticinese


  • Cover your skin. Why? One its hot, two its MIlan, time to show off those skin!
  • Convert all those euros, seriously, worst way to shop.
  • Wear too much jewellery

Monday, 27 July 2015


After 2 years of creating this blog, I finally got the balls to bought a domain and change my URL. Been thinking about it for a while but never crossed my mind to actually do it. So it just came up at a random moment and I feel how bohoyoho just doesn't defined me anymore.

This changing of URLs is kinda a big step for me as it will also proves how I'll take blogging far more serious than ever, and put every passion I have to it.

So, welcome to the world of REBELREBEL.

Hope you can get inspired and enjoy it as much as I do.


M. x