Friday, 22 April 2016


"There's an inherent energy in New York City that it's famous for. It makes you want to get up and do a million things all day and stay up all night."

top & skirt: ADRA WORLD, boots: MARC & STUART, outerwear: MONKI

Hiiiii. A very hectic week indeed, I even forgot when was the last time I had a good nap. Got 2 upcoming shoots this weekend and for a moment, I felt like I'm in NYC. Living the hustle sleepless life 24/7.

Somehow relatable to the outfit I'm wearing in this post. Designed by my friend Adra, her namesake brand ADRA WORLD's second collection, My Kind of New York, is basically a  reflection of the city. Believe it or not, all the patterns were taken by herself during her summer course at Parsons. I KNOW RIGHT, how cool is that tho? 

I have been a keen admirer of all her designs pretty much since we first met. I was a dresser during her fashion show and the way she combines patterns and textures into a couture dress is mind blowing. Definitely one designer to look out for ;)

Now more about the outfit... I gotta confess something, I'm a sucker for crop top no matter how huge my beer belly is HAHA. Plus, it's basically a coordinate so more win for me, right? And lemme get something straight. I pretty much wear sneakers like 70% of my lifespan, but a super fleek pair of leather boots = my kryptonite

To see more from ADRA WORLD, simply check out their Instagram, or official stockist Awondaland

Photographed by: @apertural 




Friday, 15 April 2016


Today my age adds another year and to celebrate or enjoy my 2 remaining years of adolescence, I decided to go wild and act like a child once again for this outfit post.
top: ZARA, skirt: TOPSHOP, outerwear: STUSSY, shoes: UNDERGROUND

One of the most brilliant lecturer I have ever met once said, though I can't quite remember, something like this "Adults mostly think too much in doing things that their creativity is lacking, while a child is more creative in expressing themselves, as they do not think. They just do it."

Little did I know, this sentence has became one of the most important thing that I carry on everyday in my life. Therefore, in this outfit post, I decided to go a little wild and just paint whatever is on my mind. I've been obsessing pink colour a lot these past few days, thus describe the vibe. Plus, if you notice, I smile/laugh more in these photos, pretty tough to managed at first (I've been mastering Tyra Bank's smize theory a bit too much), but I end up loving all the photos sooo ;)

Wearing this awesome 90s style denim skirt, which surprisingly my mom got at Topshop. It's very very high-waist so that means YAY to more crop tops! Also, I haven't worn this for a while, but just realised how grateful I am to have a pair of classic creepers from Underground

On turning 18. It's a weird feeling for sure, last year was all about the excitement of getting old enough for things while this time, it's more about the scary part of adulthood. And realising just how fast time flies, and facing wooo adult stuffs! But then again, I'm just gonna live the moment now. Create more firsts, more adventures, more people to meet, etc etc. Just as my lecturer said, I'm never going to lose the 'adolescence' in me. 




Saturday, 9 April 2016


Wearing an unusual shade of colour in welcoming Spring, or also known in where I live, as "the non existence season we'd die to have".  Yes, I'm talking about you, posting all the cherry blossom trees in Japan.

top: TOPSHOP, pants & outerwear: ZARA, shoes: ADIDAS, clutch: KATE SPADE

My outfit are usually either very monochrome or full of dark attributes. So seeing this red-marsala ensemble on me is pretty unordinary. But okay, I must admit, this spring-ish colours are just too pretty not to be worn. Plus, gotta love wearing something out of the box (this sentence is a lie though, I wore leather jacket like 5/6 of my lifetime, #sorrynotsorry). 

A rather short writing and more focus on the photos, which I tried to make more artistic as possible but at the same time, it will lose all the city views. And everyone loves a good city view, amirite? So in short, this week has been a productive and hectic one to be exact, totally not complaining at all. Been helping my dad's business these past few days (oh joy!), and trying lots of new things. Though the highlight would definitely be purchasing two concert tickets...

I'm pretty sure you guys know how much love I have for bands or an artist for that matter. AND YES, both two got some of my favourites, such as The 1975, The Temper Trap, Disclosure, Taku, etc etc. Please do imagine this whole paragraph was written in caps lock, that'll add all the sensation. #thankful #fainting #dyingfromhappiness #brokebutitsok

Let me know how's your April has been so far! ;)




Tuesday, 29 March 2016


On this week's of "my-best-buys"... this outfit below describes it rather perfeclt.

top & shorts: H&M, outerwear & sneakers: ADIDAS

In case you didn't notice, this marble-ish slit top is something I've worn before in an outfit post and lemme tell you what, the affection is still mutual. Gotta love any slit top, especially the drama it gives out. Pairing it with believe it or not, my dad's very oversize and trendy Adidas Skateboarding jacket. Not to miss out, #1 bae the Adidas Tubular x Primeknit which in my opinion, is the best type of Tubular out of the new ones.

And no, it's definitely not a biased opinion.

Guess you could say this kind of outerwear has been included as one of my necessities. It's a shame to confess but I've been doing low key in the dressing up department. Therefore, a simple t-shirt + high waist jeans + outerwear = my uniform lately. 

Moving on, this outfit post is such a delayed gratification tbh. I'm currently writing this sick in bed after an uncalled food poisoning. Last week was such a mess, and by mess, I mean "fail to enter-your-dream-college" mess. What makes it worse, it was not something that can be so easily fix by grades. So I guess fates has it plot twist too somehow. Mine just happened not to be laying down at Bondi beach getting tan skin with an asian Harry Styles husband and a career like Anna Wintour.

Or at least, not yet. ;)