Saturday, 13 May 2017


top & jacket: ZARA, pants: UNIQLO, shoes: CONVERSE, eyewear: H&M

Hiii, it's been what, 4/5 months since I last updated my blog? Talk about a new record I'm definitely not proud of. College has been top notch crazy these last few months as I'm graduating in exactly one month from today.

grool. not. panicking. at all.

Anyway, just wanted to share my newfound love for both underground clubs and film camera <3<3 I've always been a sucker for old stuffs it feels like I was born in the wrong era sometimes. Been shooting with both my slr and disposables lately, and the contrast between these two is always lovely to see.

Will try to update my blog more often after this devillish final project is over but I'll for sure be more active on Youtube or Instagram. Soo stay tune for more #35mm visuals ;)

On repeat now..




Monday, 20 February 2017


top: STUSSY, boots: CARVELA KURT GEIGER, bag: KATE SPADE, glasses: H&M
Been almost a month without blogging (what the?) and not gonna lie, was going through some major procrastinating phase and a writer's block if that make sense; bloggers' block perhaps? Literally just finished publishing Marc and Stuart's latest campaign and I have to admit, after editing 150 photos, blogging is kinda not on top of my bucket list. On another note though, click here to see more from the campaign, preeeeetty excited about this one ;) 

But back in the game now, though I would definitely be more active on Instagram and hopefully on Youtube from now on. Plus it's late rainy season now so YAAAy to finally able to wear my long-sleeves!! Wearing one of my most fav brands Stussy, which I'm so biased with. Also been wearing a loooot of glasses lately that it's getting unhealthy. I mean, can you blame me? 

Currently experimenting with my first ever disposable film camera thus my daily life is basically filled with countless of photos. To top it all, life's been hella nice. Enjoying my last 6 months of college life and all that :-) Now, what's up with you

(P.S: Alex Turner is the loml)




Sunday, 8 January 2017


Helloooo 2017! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and NYE, I know I did and am feeling so blessed than ever. First post this year and just wanna dedicate it to one of my most favorite art exhibition in 2016, Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors..
top: MONKI, shorts: ZARA, bag: KATE SPADE, socks: H&M, boots: MARC & STUART

Outfit quotes for this post: Can't decide which colour to wear so I wear all colours. On another note though, An Atlas of Mirrors is so amazing that I visited twice, #noragrets. Literally lose count on just how many times the exhibits took my breathe away. Really made me appreciate the little things more and the insane detailed thoughts behind all artists. 

Low key made a 2017 goals and some stuffs while I was back home that made me re-think my life. Therefore, aside from becoming a better person, I have made a vow this year (not a new year new me bullshit, I promise) to put more artistic approach to everything I do, whether it's a blog post, outfit, social media, you name it. All about creating art that make you feel something. 

P.S: An Atlas of Mirrors is still running till 26 February at Singapore Art Museum so make sure to drop by if you can! ;)




Thursday, 15 December 2016


You know life is pretty damn good when you're writing this post while jamming to Childish Gambino's newest album (which by the way, is out of this world) and to top it all, Christmas holiday has just started..
top, jeans & socks: TOPSHOP, belt: COTTON ON, boots; ZARA, bag: ALEXANDER WANG, sunglasses: VINTAGE

You and I, Horizontal by Anthony McCall
Took these while visiting to National Museum of Singapore's latest exhibition, What is Not Visible is Not Visible. Definitely a must visit if you're here and it's basically what made me fell much harder for this city. The countless art museums to visit and discovering new things. My camera's memory card might be full and I often got aches by carrying my 3kilos (believe it or not) camera, but it's absolutely worth it. 

Wearing what I always wore these past few days, boyfriend jeans, loose top, belt (!!! which I recently found very important. I don't even know what my life would be without these belts now), and a pair of booties. Not to mention *fun* socks to spice things up.

On another note, I have just uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel, as promised. So excited about this one as I'm basically showing my long time obsession...Here's "3 Ways to Style Socks" let me know what you guys think, and don't forget to comment and subscribe <3 




Sunday, 4 December 2016


Yay to first post in December! Anddd so let the countdown to Christmas begins..

top & shorts: ZARA, outerwear: PULL & BEAR, sandals: BIRKENSTOCK, bag: ISSEY MIYAKE, socks: MONKI, glasses: H&M

A very colourful outfit (and background!) to celebrate December, which I'm pretty sure is everyone's favourite time of the year. I mean, how can you not fangirl over Christmas? Slowly putting my assignments to an end which simply means more time to edit photos, more blog posts! And hopefully, a couple of videos before the year end ;)

Ever since I study here, I realised how more open I am when it comes to experimenting with my outfit. Putting more colours here and there, making yellow my top choice, socks 24/7 and lots and lots of rainbow tops! One thing for sure, my mom's always surprised to see me after a while, "oK dear, are you sure that colour is right????" or "That lipstick shades is too dark". Then went on to steal one of my outfits. I have to admit, I'm totally loving this style transition of becoming bolder and trying new things. 

Perhaps, if you haven't truly found your definition of "style", it's not that hard. You just gotta be more open-minded and give some edge to it. Heck, wear a watermelon tops and pineapple skirt if you love it. That, in my opinion, is style.