Friday, 27 November 2015


I swear, I've been meaning to post this outfit way back then (taken 2 weeks ago smh) but my procrastinating nature combined with this chilly weather are just not working it out. Rarely wear heels, soo hii!

top: MONKI, skirt: ZARA, plaids: ZARA, bag: DYLAN KAIN, heels: JEFFREY CAMPBELL

I probably said this too much here, but holy cow, what a crazy week. One last-minute photo shoot, countless writing, meet-up here and there, and one pop-up bazaar. But no, not complaining, not even a second ;)

A lil' bit of dressy and mature look I pull off. An outfit that could be worn to any Christmas occasion or maybe New Year parties? Finally get to bring these Jeffrey Campbell babies out...Honestly, I was never really a big fans of heels. One, I got called 'a giant' too much, okay #tallgirlproblems. And two, it is kinda uncomfortable sometimes.

But for these heels, I don't mind at all. I mean, LOOK at those transparent ombre heels only JC can make! *drools* And since it's only less than a month to Christmas, I know UNBELIEVABLE, plaids season are officially back!

Yes, been wearing plaids non-stop these past few days and nope, not regretting it at all. On a more important note, what did you purchased on Black Friday?

I've been seeing all crazy deals on Snapchat I can't even. Anyway, I'm going M.I.A for this year tho, I usually send the packages to my US friends. Saving up and not procrastinate too much are definitely on my new year resolution. 

P.S: today's song selection is the one and only The 1975 who has been breaking my heart since God knows when and is coming to Laneway Fest. *fangirling begin*




Friday, 20 November 2015


My best try at giving the 'sweater weather' look and obviously in love with this light rays game going on.
top: H&M, shorts: ZARA, outerwear: ARGYLE & OXFORD, shoes: ADIDAS TUBULAR

photo by my bae Jay!
Thank god for the weekend. I felt like I'm floating through this week and all I really need is a 12 hrs of sleep. Aside from that, the rainy weather has been such a teaser tho. I swear, it's always raining when I'm working (which does not boost the motivation by the way) and never rains when I'm at home all day. But the good part, it really is beginning to feel like sweater weather (YAY song reference) and Christmas...

Literally the happiest time of the year!

Moving on to the outfit, have I mentioned how in LOVE I am with anything patches? Okay seriously planning to get one customised leather jacket with tumblr-ish patches, but I'm just gonna begin it with this one first. It's from a local brand called Argyle & Oxford. Actually got it a long time ago from my cousin but just got the balls to wear it. I mean, look how CUTE these patches are? I die. 

And this pants are a recent buy from ZARA. Seriously talking, you can never regret what you bought there. It's not too short yet not too long and the fabric is super comfy. 

For the shoes...I guess I don't need to explain why it's one of my best purchase and my treasure I guess? I know boots are super badass but sometimes the leather makes it not so comfy for a long-wear. But this Adidas Tubular is the opposite tho, and still hella badass. 

And this week has mad me realise to set up all my priorities again. I'm so tired giving a damn to people who take everything for granted and not being grateful at all. As time goes I guess we realise who will truly be there for you...

Love always,



Sunday, 15 November 2015


Hiiii just did a quick 'editorial-ish' shoot (how legit does that sound tho?!) on Friday and I can't wait any longer to share it! Inspired by my life goals Margaret Zhang and features lots and lots of grunge vibes...take a look!


photographed by Allen Tan, M&H by Cindy Caroline

Classic 'wearing, but not actually wearing' leather jacket pose. Also, been meaning to take photos in this amazing BCBGMaxazria jumpsuit for so long and finally got the chance. Yes, it is a jumpsuit and has this to-die-for sheer effects over it. *drooling*

Photographed by my fav photographer Allen Tan (go check some of his amazing works @apertural on Instagram) and its actually been a few times already since we worked together. The previous one being an avant-garde shoot "Neovisualism" pictures coming real soon ;)

This was actually taken right after we wrapped up for a campaign and I swear working 8hrs straight never felt so good. I can't lie, I'm easily pressured and get panic attacks whenever I'm planning a photoshoot (or working basically) but once the shoot is rolling, I felt a sudden wave of calm and sanity. Like it's my safe-haven? Weird, I know.

Since I got the chance, just want to send all prayers and love to the whole world. It's time to make a change. And if the world won't change, let's start from us. #prayforhumanity #prayfortheworld

P.S: song pick of the day goes to this super badass song, just because it fits the shoot perfectly ;)

Love Always,


Saturday, 7 November 2015


A quick and simple monochrome outfit to start this hectic month..x

top: JADED LONDON, jeans: TOPSHOP, outerwear: ZARA, shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL, clutch: KOTUR

Actually a really really bad pun on the title, I'm wearing a top from this brand Jaded London and thus describe it. But also I'm kind of obsessed with the whole Disclosure album so...

Anyway, its safe to say I'm falling hard for the brand Jaded, will post more of their outfits and you've probably heard them before from that green sequin bomber-jacket Taylor Swift worn. Yep, gotta love British brands, especially if they're on sale. HA

This Jeffrey Campbell platforms is a stunner too. Bought it when I was about 14 and started to try dressing up like a cool kid (still not a cool kid...yet). Good times. Definitely one of my best buy.

In case you didn't notice, I love love love wearing any outerwear, without actually wearing it. Think it's kind of taking your outfit to another edgy level to wear your outerwear that way, leather jacket even. That's what I often do actually when I'm lazy as hell to dress up, jumpsuit + leather jacket + boots. Yup #lazyasiangirlproblems

Will be super hectic next week as I've been procrastinate all my works behind, and therefore everything is on deadline, on the same time. Plus, its been raining all the time these past few days, I mean, what better ways to spend rainy days than sleeping and listening to indie music all day? A hot chocolate will be good too.

Finger crossed I'll try my best to get through this week. How's your November so far? ;)