Friday, 5 August 2016


You know you're whipped with assignments when you haven't posted in two weeks for the first time in...ever. Here's a chill outfit to begin August, and also my typical "uniform" for the past few days.

all photos taken by Miranti! x

As I mentioned earlier, the formula to my typical uniform would be like this: 
  • 1 Logo T-Shirt from a cool brand 
  • Culotte or jeans; the wider the pants, the better
  • Sneakers or boots 
  • Flexible bag
  • andddd a cap in case you're having a "non-photogenic hair day"
College has been great so far and by great, I mean alllll the amazing food I can try in this beloved lion city. One of those would be P.S Cafe Petite in Tiong Bahru (coffee is the bomb). Actually my first time in Tiong Bahru area and I'm in LOVE. SO MANY COFFE SO MANY CUTENESS.

A must-visit if you're a sucker for good coffee and cute photo spots! Went there with my girlsss and safe to say we'll be in the neighbourhood to do "assignments" pretty often ;)

Non-related but H-7 to seeing my bae The 1975 and I'm yodelling. Soo if you're planning to go to any summer festival or just need inspirations for quick summer outfit, check out my latest youtube video! "4 Outfit Ideas for Summer'16!" Enjoy and don't forget to comment or subscribe to see more of my double chins HA!




Sunday, 24 July 2016


Yasssss finally another museum-hopping post! So excited to share what's probably my most favorite photo series yet. All taken at National Museum of Singapore, so go put this one in yo travel list ASAP. 
top: UNIQLO x KAWS, outerwear: PULL & BEAR, culotte: ZARA, shoes: ADIDAS TUBULAR, bag: MARC & STUART

First things first, special thanks to these two for taking (literally) 100000 photos of me! 

Wearing T-Shirt from Uniqlo x Kaws collab that I'm super obsessed with, how could you not tho? So cheeky I could die. I must say, I'm new to Kaws' designs but the first time I saw it, I'm just hooked right away. In case it's your first time hearing the artist's name, go check out his insta @kaws or website for more visually pleasing art creations.  Also, gotta love how perfect the neon drawing on the back goes with my jacket.  

Seeing this outfit just made me realised how often I wore culotte as the weather is just too hot for denim days. But on the other hand, it's been pretty chilly in Singapore these past few days and I love it! Perfect time to take them leather jackets for a walk now..;)

More about the museum, tbh I didn't really focus on the exhibition while I was there, I'm just too mind-blown from the architecture. Though it is a perfect place to know more about the history of Singapore. So the verdict is yes, it's still a must visit! To see more spots for "museum hopping" in Singapore, simply click here.




Saturday, 16 July 2016


Hello! First ever legit outfit photos in Singapore and as you can see, I tried wearing something pink. Beware beware, history has been made. 

top: MONKI, pants: UNIQLO, bag: ISSEY MIYAKE, boots: MARC & STUART, shades: MONKI

I'm the kind of girl who's in-between of "not skinny" but also "not curvy" so it's pretty hard sometimes to find sleeveless clothes that fits well.  Which explains my lack of wearing it. But when I do, I turn to halter-neck silhouette; which by the way, the perfect solution for any wide-shoulder gal. 

So it's only normal that when I found this Monki top (yes another Monki haul, #notguiltyatall) I ordered it right away. But this time, in pink, because the colour is so hot right now and so does the rose quartz thingy so why the hell not, right? ;) 

Was planning to wrote a terrible pun on how my baggy jeans-culotte is the perfect Pokemon-Go outfit but I'mma skip it simply because too much Pokemon is not healthy for my soul. On another note, I LOVE LOVE my new jeans-culotte from Uniqlo, sooo comfortable I swear I can sleep in these babies. Although the funny thing is, my high-school P.E (Physical Education) uniform looked exactly like THIS. No kidding. 

Kudos to my mom for taking these photos despite the heat and my chunky camera. Looking at these photos just made me miss home even more #collegelife. Currently based in Singapore, so feel free to drop me an email if you're looking for a collab or just to eat salted egg chicken rice!

Anyway, living alone has made me discovered new things over a short span of time. One of those included discovering how very untalented I am in the kitchen, example numero uno, cutting my own finger!  Well, despite my 'small' finger incident, all these things got me all excited for more adventures to come; all the possibilities

Just like those Pinterest quotes said. And so the adventures begin..

P.S: my friend told me the new LANY song that somehow suits perfectly with post, the lyrics and beats are gold btw, sooo enjoy! ;)